Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ah, what fun, a comic about eggs! So, my teacher is forcing us to make comics with the computer about any topic we choose, within reason. I chose eggs. I took a few eggs, drew faces on themphotographed them, and now am adding talk bubbles. Next I'll copy and paste people's hair onto the eggs. Such joy. The eggs each represent  one of my fellow students, so I'll use pictures of their hair in the comic. I think it's funny, but most people think it's weird.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Back Story vol. #2

It did not take long for my opportunity to arrive. One night, when I was fourteen, my mother asked me to get some firewood, so I went out to pile, but alas, one of our neighbors had decided to keep it for himself. I knew I could never get it back from him, so I decided to get some out of the forest. I grabbed my axe and headed out into the trees. It took a long time to find a tree that was small enough to chop down in a reasonable amount of time. When  I did find it I began chopping away. After a very long time I began to realize I was not making any progress, and began hitting the tree harder. Suddenly it broke and the to section fell on my head. I quickly regained my composure, and started dragging the tree home. It was around this time it started snowing. I got lost. There was a sort of hole on the ground at the base of a tree. After checking for occupants I crawled inside. It was far too uncomfortable to sleep in, so I was about to leave when I heard the droning of thiraxpian wings beating. Of course I was in its den. It came in, clutching a small animal of some sort in its claws. I grabbed my axe and  hit it in the face before it could do something equally violent to me. It turned and left, hardly phased. I now had the rest of the night to wait out. 


     It seems that a lot of people are confused about how it is that I claimed to have a certain number of siblings and yet they know full well that I do not. Well, you see, I am not the Antithiraxpian, he just posts things on my blog because I named it after him. I like composing music, he likes killing thiraxpians. Now I have to let him publish some more of his back story.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A non-traditional Thanksgiving meal

     So, for this Thanksgiving I stayed home and ate food. And drank punch. And sat around. My Grandma was there, at my house, so it was mildly festive...  I do not remember what we had for desert... something non-traditional I'm sure. Although we did have turkey, it still didn't qualify a typical holiday dinner. Oh well. All of this really happened.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Back Story Vol. #1

     It has come to my attention that about half the population of the world is dying to know about my past, for some reason. I certainly don't care if they know, so I have begun writing the story of my life.
     I was born in the large region of forest north of the Mountains of Mislarin that is known to most people simply as "The Northern Wilderness." My family consisted of myself my older brother, and my three younger sisters. I of course had parents too. We lived in the village of Shathkell, which is infamous for being the least protected village in the area. I grew up watching my father and the other village men fight off bandits, wolves, and of course thiraxpians. I wanted to be just like them, and someday...  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi Melissa!

Blah... gurgle... where... am I? All I see is darkness... I fear this is the end of me...

Monday, November 7, 2011

How to escape a sinking car

Now, I am perfectly well aware that almost nobody ever has to escape a sinking car, and the possibility of me ever being trapped in one is unlikely, but as I mentioned before, that sort of thing fascinates me.
   So, let's say you're cruising along a road fifty or so feet above river or lake of some sort. It's late at night so you don't see the corner until you've flown off it. Next thing you know, your car is splashing into the frigid waters.
   No need to panic, there are only a couple things you need to remember. First take a huge breath, then kick out the window on your car door. This will allow you to open it. Immediately open the door and swim up as fast as you can, and your home free! Not like that will ever happen...